Outlook is a widely-preferred email messaging platform by Windows as well as Mac users. However, both the platforms use different storing formats to save their mailbox information, and are sensitive to corruption problems, when go through any anomaly.

Outlook for Mac stores its database in OLM file format and contain all your emails, calendars, address book, tasks etc. But, the increasing size of the OLM files can be problematic situation for the users, if not managed timely. Additionally, various other factors (like unexpected server crash, corruption of hard disk, malware/virus attack etc.) may also corrupt OLM files.  Learn more

Outlook platform is widely used by large number of organizations to communicate. Being the effective mode of communication, Outlook is becoming a desirable communication tool for the users. With major advantages of the tool there are some disadvantage as well. The most addressed disadvantage is storage option of the Outlook itself. The recent versions of Outlook be it for Windows or Mac, the storage capacity has been enhanced. Thus, technology is trying to give the solution to our problems. The other disgruntled issue is appearance of certain error messages. Learn more

Error code 17199 prompts up when user tries to send the email message from Mac Outlook account and delivery of such email instantly fails. The frequency of occurrence of such issue is quite prominent keeping other issues at lower par. This issue needs attention because it directly affects the migration of emails from user to client and vice-versa.

Identification of error code 17199 is very simple. As you click the send/receive, a message will pop up declaring, “An unknown error has occurred in Outlook. A message in your Outlook could not be sent. The account which created the message could not be found.” This is a clear indication that server has not identified the source account with which the email message has been created. Once the source has not been identified, the server does not deliver the message. Learn more

OLM data files are the storehouse of user mailbox data items in local computer. It is restricted to Mac Outlook platform only. However, similar approach is also followed by PST files in MS Outlook. There PST files are restricted to MS Outlook platforms only. The similarity lies at the level and reasons of corruption in both file formats (PST and OLM). Alike corruption in PST files, OLM files also get corrupt with same intensity and impact. The data items contained in OLM files are found severely corrupt when no action is taken Learn more

Microsoft has facilitated Outlook for Mac users to carry out information exchange, similar to Microsoft Outlook for Windows. Top notch people, businessmen, designers and software developers utilize Mac OS as it owns superior features such as better hardware, better battery life, better GUI, compatibility with third party applications and many more. Due it’s relatively high demand the Outlook version for Mac is also on demand. Outlook for Mac is designed to complement the features of Mac OS, power packed with more supple features. Mac Outlook stores database in OLM files. These files carry all the Outlook items such as journals, address book, calendars, emails etc. Learn more